Linat  Osman  is  a  Gender  and  Girls  Activist, a  campaigner  for  equal  rights  and  opportunities  for  girls, young  women  and  teenagers  in  Ghana. She is the founder  and  Executive  Director  of  Teen Talk Ghana, a  registered  Non-Governmental  organization  championing  the  rights  of  teenagers, young  women  in  the  northern  part  of  Ghana.

Ms. Linat  Osman  is  also  a  professional  teacher  by  training  and  is  proficient  in  languages  such  as  English  and  French.  She has strong mobilization, networking  and  communication  skills.

She  is  known  in  the  local  civil  society  as  an  astute  advocate  with  impeccable  communication  and  social  networking  skills. In  May 2016, Ms. Osman  participated  in  the  Women  Deliver  Conference  held  in   Copenhagen, Denmark, where  she  contributed  to  various  round  table  discussions  on  sexual  reproductive  health  and  rights  issues. She  has  carved  out  a  niche  for   herself  in  the  area  of  social  mobilization  advocacy  and  behavior  change  communication.

In February 2017, she was the only female aspirant in the Wa municipality to have applied for the position of the Municipal Chief Executive, the first time ever a female dared to stand for that position. She was shortlisted as part of the aspirants to take part in the interview. She sailed through the interview successfully but couldn’t make it to the position.

In June 2017, she was selected as the Mandela Washington fellow (Obama Initiative launched in 2010) together with other young African leaders to undertake a six (6) week academic course in the USA. She was sent to Texas Tech University, Lubbock where she undertook a course in Public Management.

She was also featured on a couple of TV stations in the U.S to talk about her experience as a Fellow. Whilst in the U.S, she took up the title Officer Lee after a Police Ride Along and her colleagues affectionately call her by that. 

She is also a finalist of the MTN Heroes of Change 2018 (a programme to reward social change agents in Ghana). Her teen mother project which seeks to educate teenage mothers who had dropped out of school by sending them back to school whilst giving some of the mother’s vocational training was selected as part of the 2018 MTN heroes of change in the Education category.

As  Executive  Director, she  has provided  strategic  leadership  that  has  transformed  Teen Talk  Ghana  into  one  of  the  leading  local  non-governmental organizations  championing  the  rights  of  girls, young  women  and  teenagers  in the  northern  part  of Ghana.

As  a  professional  teacher  who teaches  French  language, she has been  able  to  use  her position  to  encourage  a  lot  of  young  people  especially  girls  to  learn  French  as  a  foreign  language.

Officer Lee loves to travel, sing, dance and involve in community education in her leisure. She loves Tuozaafi, Banku and tilapia.

She is currently the Manager in charge of Advocacy and Campaigns at the Nation Builder’s Corps. The Nation Builder’s Corps programme is a Stop Gap measure by the President of Republic of Ghana His excellency President Akuffo Addo  to address graduate unemployment in the country. The scheme has employed a hundred thousand (100,000) graduates under seven modules namely, Educate Ghana, Heal Ghana, Enterprise Ghana, Digitize Ghana, Civic Ghana, Revenue Ghana, Feed Ghana

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