The Pilolo Network, a Child Empowerment and Advocacy Network was officially launched on the 17th of January, 2021 by the JH Health Connect and JH Health Foundation. The Pilolo Network seeks to actively empower children/young people and is open to all members of the general public who have an interest in empowering and speaking up for children.

The launch was jointly done by Mr. Selasie Adadevoh and Dr. Hilda Boye. During the launch, Dr. Boye explained that the team was looking for a name that children are familiar with and found Pilolo to be suitable because it is a game played by children, demonstrates teamwork and a sense of time consciousness. During the game, when it is time to search for the sticks, the leader shouts “Pilolo” and on this cue, the search for the hidden sticks begin. It’s an amazing time to seek to empower children and help them achieve their goals and we need everyone on board.

Mr. Adadevoh officially launched the Pilolo Network by stating the three things he picked from the Pilolo game: children are the most important national assets, it’s time to search for the sticks and the more that play the game, the merrier it is.

The second part of the programme was the Virtual Career Development Programme supported by Africa Health Supplies, Keat Pharmacy and Cradle to Crayon foundation. Mrs. Gladys Setordzie a Clinical Psycologist  spoke more on kids’ personality, their abilities, interests and specialties. She stated that for kids to have amazing careers all these need to be considered. She ended by quoting Sir Winston Churchill saying ‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail’.

Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur a Senior Medical Doctor and Clinical Psychologist stated that parents need to find mentors for their wards to help develop their potential which will help kids develop themselves for a successful career.

Dr. William Okyere-Frempong who moderated the event also added that kids have potential but what they lack is direction, he encouraged JH Health Connect and Foundation to continue to help bridge that gap and urged parents and other people to join in and be interactive with their kids.

Dr. Boye and Dr. Okyere-Frempong encouraged everybody to join the Pilolo Network on social media (Facebook currently) and participate in our upcoming child empowerment events.


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